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A gift from Rome to prepare you for Pentecost 2017
Published on 01-05-2017

Watch the video with the message from Deacon Darrell Wentworth:


Message from Deacon Darrell Wentworth

Greetings. My name is Deacon Darrell Wentworth, and I'm the liaison for the leaders of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships, North American region. We are a private association, working directly with Cardinal Farrell in the decastery for Laity, Family and Life.

In short, we are the Pope's grass-roots evangelists. We promote adult conversion, we build spiritual maturity among adults and we form intentional Christian communities to support family life. We also promote grass-roots authentic Christian unity. I am honored and blessed to serve in this position.

I was a father before I came to this position. I love being a father. I loved my kids from the moment that my wife told me that she was pregnant. I used to talk to them while they were in my wife's womb. I was there at each one of their births and when I held them, a bond created between me and them. But that bond wasn't shared by them, because they were too young. They really didn't know the experience of their father.

But something happened in each one of my kids later on in each of their life at different moments. A moment an event happened where they realized and they said, "Dad," and they called me and loved me and bonded with me. They accepted my love. I loved them first, but they didn't fall in love with me until much later.

It's the same way with God the Father, loves us from the moment of our conception. Even before our earthly parents knew, God loved us. But, something has to happen in each one of us to bond with God the Father. An event, a profound encounter, a personal encounter. Something needs to occur.

When that event, that profound or personal encounter occurs, that is an immersion into the love of God the Father. Theologically, we call that Baptism in the Holy Spirit. That is what Jesus himself said is necessary and the reason that he came into the world: to baptize -to immerse- everyone into the love of God the Father.

You can look at this room. This is a simple room. There is nothing grand or fancy about this room. But, God chooses simple people, simple places. He decided to be born in a manger. He wasn't born in a palace. He decided to reignite his relationship with his Holy Spirit in the entire Catholic Church in this room. This room. A simple room. Can't even hold 30 people. Has about 20 people, and he does it, no matter where we're at in life. He chooses to ignite the Holy Spirit. The key is, that we have to then surrender. We have to say "yes" to God. He's already said "yes" to us. He's fallen in love with us. 

What happened 50 years ago today in this room: some college students, not theologians, not popes, some college students who really wanted to experience God on a day-to-day basis in every moment of their life, to truly be Eucharistic. To have the presence of God be with them here in this chapel. And they said, "More, please. If you really have a relationship with your love, your Holy Spirit, available for me, would you give it to me? I say yes to the love you have for me.” 

The Charismatic Renewal as a movement is a resource for all of the clergy, all of the church, to help people encounter this love of God the Father in a personal, profound way. A life-changing way.

When I fell in love with my wife, she didn't know it. I held that love for years because she was dating somebody else. But, there was a time after Christmas one year, when I picked her up at the airport and she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. It was a very scary moment, but I met with her at Wendy's and said, "I've loved you my whole life. I've been waiting for you my whole life." She then said to me, "well you know what? I love you too." That electricity exploded in my life at that moment and I couldn't help but tell everybody about this woman who I've loved actually said that she loved me.

That's the type of encounter God wants, that Jesus wants with his bride. He's loved them their whole life. But they need to realize that they have to fall in love with him too. Father Cantalamessa's has helped to break down this experience theologically so that we can understand it. So that we can build programs around it to build a process to help people fall in love with God.

Because when that happens, when they connect with God the Father, it changes their life. The preacher to the papal household. The person who's allowed to preach to the Pope is giving you a retreat. Please click below and take this retreat.

Message from Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski

Brothers and sisters, my name is Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski. I serve on the executive committee of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships. We are one of the new communities raised up by the Holy Spirit in our age to work with the Vatican to promote evangelization in church unity. In fact, the internal office is in the place shared with Cardinal Farrell, the president of the Decastery of Laity, Family, and Life, with whom we collaborate directly.

Pope Francis has strongly encouraged the Catholic Fraternity to promote the experience of baptism and the Holy Spirit among all the faithful. This experience, he insists, is a current of grace given as a gift to all of the baptized to enliven our faith and reunite the church. It is so important to him that he has personally engaged with our community to spread this message during this upcoming year 2017 which will mark a historic event, the 50th anniversary of charismatic renewals emergence as an ecclesial movement.

In response to the Pope's direction, we have asked the preacher to the papal household, Father Raniero Cantalamessa to explain the theology of this experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit and to share how communities of Christians who have experienced this grace of the Holy Spirit can help you in your efforts to evangelize the baptized so they can fully engage the immensity of grace poured into them at baptism.

So I ask you to watch these three videos that engage with the meditations. I hope you will watch them in small groups with your fellow clergy and discuss how you can implement the concepts into the life of your parish, diocese, and nation. Each country in the world has members of the Catholic Fraternity who are willing to assist you, so please reach out to them and collaborate with them so that this current of grace can reach it's fullest potential and the Holy Spirit's call for one Holy, Catholic, and apostolic church can be realized.

God bless you and thank you in advance.