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CF and ICCRS’s private audience with Pope Francis
Monday 25th of April 2016

Published on 07-05-2016

In a meeting lasting more than one hour, the Holy Father expressed his joy in receiving Catholic Fraternity and ICCRS representatives from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He emphasised that  this is the time of the Spirit. He said we are experiencing new things of the Spirit and that we can see signs of this in so many places. He enthusiastically spoke about the work of the Holy Spirit through seeking the unity of all Christians.
The Holy Father reflected upon how in the past 50 years many things have changed in the Church. He spoke specifically about the ecumenical journey. Pope Francis emphasised that the Holy Spirit has been leading us for many years towards unity. He said that the Spirit is asking new things of us and that we should be prepared for the surprises of the Holy Spirit.  
He emphasized that the Great Jubilee of CCR, at Pentecost 2017,  must be ecumenical, a time for all Christians, not just for Catholic Charismatics. So we need to gather and include all Christians who want to join us.  Reassuringly, the Holy Father said that he will be with us, that this is a time when God is preparing something very great.
After discussing some practical issues about the preparation of  the Golden Jubilee, the Pope assured us of his presence in the vigil of Pentecost, praying together for a New Pentecost for the Church. He told us to go forward with courage and to be prepared for the resistance we are going to go through when trying to reach unity.
The Holy Father entrusted Michelle Moran and Pino Scafuro with the mission to work towards establishing one service for the one current of grace.

We then had an opportunity to pray with the Holy Father in the power of Holy Spirit.